Case Study: Increasing search engine visibility.

Case Study:Increasing search engine visibility.

Case Study:  Women's Cancer Network

The Women's Cancer Network is a public education site developed by the Gynecological Cancer Foundation.  It's mission is to keep women informed and to enable them to be their own health advocates.  The website is located at

The Need

The WCN site was not ranking well in search engine results of related terms.  Consequently, relevant traffic was missing the content and resources the site had to offer.

The Approach

Imaginary studied the site's analytics and determined that it would benefit from a search engine optimization program focusing on a discrete number of entrance pages.  Imaginary worked with WCN staff to create a list of the Web pages best suited for optimization and the initial keyword combinations for each of the targeted pages.

Imaginary compared each keyword combination against an aggregated database of 284 million search terms to determine their potential for increasing page ranking.  Then, the keywords were passed through a special thesaurus process to uncover parallel keyword combinations.  All research was consolidated in a special report for the client and recommendations implemented on the targeted pages.

An Excerpt...

The following is an excerpt from the Search Engine Optimization report produced by Imaginary Landscape for WCN:

Consolidate /materials/educational_material.html and /materials/edu_supplements.html into this page.  Place permanent redirects in the server configuration file to gracefully redirect search traffic.

The Outcome

Analytics from the three months prior to optimization were consolidated and compared with the same three month period one year later (9 months post optimization). 

Results Summary

  • Total number of relevant keyword-based search traffic increased 82%
  • Target keyword combinations increased significantly, including:
    • "peritoneal cancer" increased 820%
    • "adnexal mass" increased 228%
    • "cervix removal/removal of cervix" combination increased 399%