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Willie W. Webfoot Was There At The Very Beginning...

The History of the Computers and the Internet
...or How the Heck did this stuff get started anyhow?

"If someone says 'can't,' that shows you what to do."
—John Cage


Sites Relating to the History of Computing

Smithsonian Computer History
The Smithsonian Computer History Section includes an on-line slide show of their "Information Age" exhibit and the text of oral histories they are collecting from people who are the innovators of the computer era.
The Virtual Museum of Computing
The virtual museum is a collection of links to information about computers and computer history. A very detailed index indeed.
Chronology of Personal Computers
"This document is an attempt to bring various published sources together to present a timeline about Personal Computers."
The History of Silicon Valley
A short history of the computer industry in Silicon Valley.
History of Silicon Valley and the Technology Behind It
An extensive collection of links to information on the history of computers, the web, the computer companies, and Silicon Valley itself.
Computer Industry History
A large collection of links relating to computer history—definitely worth a look if you didn't find what you are after here.

Sites Relating to the History of the Internet

Hobbes' Internet Timeline
A nice compilation of the history of the Internet, complete with a chronological discussion and graphs showing the explosive growth is housed by the Internet Society.
History and Impact of the Net
If you prefer your history with greater detail, read the book on-line! This hypertext text is a good read for the enquiring mind who is curious about the evolution of the Internet.


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