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A Consumer's Guide to Search Engines

Willie W. Webfoot talks about the World Wide Web
"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
—John Ruskin

Ever have a hard time finding the information that you want on the Web? You are not alone. The best way to defend yourself from too much irrelevant information is to prepare a good defense. Arm yourself with boolean logic, strengthen your search strategy by understanding the difference between directories and search engines and when one search engine isn't getting you anywhere you can always try something else.

Search Engine Secrets Revealed!

Finding Information on the Internet—A Tutorial
This tutorial is very detailed and well-organized. It offers excellent overview information for beginners and loads of detail about specific search techniques for those that are looking to improve their search results.
Six Great Ways to Search the Web
This page outlines some of the new ways to search the web that even seasoned searchers may not have discovered yet.
Glossary of SEO Terms
This page contains a glossary of SEO terms that is updated on a regular basis.


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