We help youbuild tools of convenience.

Building Tools of Convenience

They say content is king?  Perhaps.  But content is only part of a successful site.  In order for a site to excel, it must provide convenience.  How can you best serve the needs of your customers?  How can you make their lives easier?  Answer those questions and you'll have customers for life.

How We Help:  Online Tools

We provide the online tools that make your site a convenient place to do business.  We’ve planned and built hundreds of online applications to serve clients.  We will help you do the same.  Here are some recent tools we've built to help our clients connect with their customers:

  • Online store with recommendation engine
  • Multi-site content management system
  • Member login synchronized with internal systems
  • Multi-part HIPAA compliant form 
  • Interactive exhibitor map for an annual conference

Want some more information?  

Just use the Contact Us form on this page and ask.  For a more detailed look at the technology we use, please visit our technology microsite at http://www.chicagodjango.com.