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Measuring Your Success

We’ve come a long way from the early days of the Web, when success was measured in hits, page views and unique visitors.  Back then, these were the only metrics that counted.  With the emergence of sophisticated website analytics, however, their importance has greatly diminished.

How do you design your site to directly and credibly contribute to the goals of your organization?  How do you measure this contribution?  These are the questions that must be asked and answered before you’ll know if your Web budget was well spent.

What makes a good goal?

A good online goal must pass three tests:

  1. Can it be isolated? Each goal must have its own path, otherwise results may co-mingle. If a goal for the site is to drive visitors to make a phone call, make sure you have a specific phone number just for the Web.
  2. Can it be monetized? Easy to track, if your goal is to sell a book, but what about a contact form submission? What percentage of submitters became customers in the following 12 months and what was their average spend?
  3. Can it be tracked? Each goal must have the ability to be tracked. You may have a goal to increase brand awareness, but that isn’t something easily tracked on a website.

How we help:  Goal Planning

From the very beginning, we plan for goals.  We work with you to establish and monetize them.  We refine, adjust and test them to ensure they are accurately measuring your site’s contribution to the bottom line.  As new sections and functionality are added to the site or new marketing programs considered, we advise on how to add measureable website components to support the effort.

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