We help youunderstand your audience.

Understanding Your Audience

You live and breathe your business and likely speak in the shorthand of your industry - perhaps without even realizing it.  You might also assume that your audience possesses a knowledge and understanding of your business that it often does not. 

For Example...

We conducted a search engine optimization program for a healthcare client who wanted to optimize one of its clinical pages.  The client suggested terms such as “pediatric oncology” but never considered terms such as “childhood cancer.” The reason given? “Childhood cancer” was deemed too imprecise.

“Childhood cancer” provides four times more search returns. 

That's why it's important to get some outside perspective about your website.

How We Help: Usability Studies

When you put regular people in front of a computer, it is remarkable how quickly and easily website problems are uncovered.  Great improvements can be made to a website with just a little observational data.  Observing a sampling of your audience interacting with your existing or potential website through a usability study is extremely important.

The process begins by defining a set of online tasks common to your site – buying a book, registering and downloading a whitepaper, searching for a doctor.  Once we have these tasks, we create an audience profile.  Then we bring a representative sample audience into our offices and observe them as they attempt to complete the tasks. 

Even if you’re not considering a complete overhaul of your site, a usability study is invaluable to assess your current site and make incremental course changes.   Finding and correcting even the smallest obstacle can have a profound impact on conversions.

Want some more information? 

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