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Directions to office during construction

A guide to arriving at the Imaginary office during the Metra bridge construction project.

November 9, 2012 9:14 a.m.

Seasonal road construction combined with the Metra UPN bridge reconstruction project has limited the number of viable routes to the Imaginary office.  Unfortunately, there is not a single reliable source for updated closure information.

At any given time, Foster is completely closed at Ravenswood.  Ravenswood is completely closed at Winnemac.  In addition, there is significant road construction on Peterson and Lawrence near Ravenswood.

So far, the best bet for reaching the office is off of Ashland.  From Ashland, turn west onto Carmen.  Carmen is a small one-way street two-blocks south of Foster and one block north of the stoplight at Ashland and Winnemac.

Take Carmen west until it dead ends into Ravenswood.  Turn right to 5121.