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This morning during the DjangoCon US Lightning Talks, I announced the launch of, a directory of Django user groups worldwide.  Any and all Django user groups are welcome to visit the site and list their site for free.

In addition, if your user group does not have an existing website or meetup page, will provide a section for you (e.g.  The site is powered by DjangoCMS which makes it easy to cordon off a section and give group organizers full CMS control over it.

As the current organizer of the Chicago Djangonauts user group, I've received feedback from members saying they would really like a website for the group.  I started playing domain name bingo and stumbled upon, which was available.  It seemed presumptuous for the Chicago group to exclusively use the domain and so we cooked up this idea for a global directory site.  Nothing commercial, just a little give back to the community that has helped Imaginary for many years.

So, visit and list your site.  If you want, we'll give you a section to call your own.  Help spread the word too. 

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