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DevOps + SysAdmin

Read about the cross-disciplinary practice of DevOps (development and operations) dedicated to building, evolving and operating collaboratively. DevOps topics include culture, measurement, automation, and sharing and the use of toolkits like Saltstack and Ansible for configuration management, code repositories (GitHub), application monitoring (i.e. Nagios, Sentry), and scripting languages (i.e. Bash and Python). Posts also address SysAdmin (systems administration) common practices for installing and configuring systems, hardware and software, establishing and managing user accounts, upgrading software and backup and recovery tasks.

Let's Encrypt with Alternative ACME Client

Let's Encrypt is a great solution for automating the process of issuing SSL certificates. On systems with older software packages, however, Let's Encrypt can be a pain to set up in the recommended way. The use of a pure shell implementation of the ACME protocol can alleviate that process.