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Open-source programming takes a community, and Imaginary enjoys being a contributor to the Python and Django communities. Articles include presentations, events, and discussions about the latest happenings within the Python and Django community. These include national events like PyCon, DjangoCon, Chicago area tech events like Djangonauts, Chipy, ChiHack, DePy, and news and announcements from the Django Software foundation and

Two very important (and overlooked) requirements for a new website vendor relationship

All relationships end. It doesn't matter whether they are personal or professional, at some point and for many reasons, they end. No one thinks about this when the relationship is budding - everything is wonderful. There is trust, there is competence, there is relief that finally the needle can be moved forward. This overflowing optimism can cloud a vital aspect of establishing a new relationship - how to get out of it gracefully. Unless a prior vendor experience has made an impact, very little attention is given to an end-of-life scenario until end-of-life is imminent. However, with a little prenuptial preparation, end-of-life drama and uncertainty can be greatly eased.