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Chicago startup helps Imaginary provide better service

By Brian Moloney

May 11, 2011

We were happy to see the May 9, 2011 profile of Ifbyphone Inc. in Crain's Chicago Business.  Ifbyphone is a Chicago-based startup created to bring big phone system features to small companies.

Imaginary Landscape has been a customer of Ifbyphone since 2009.  The service allows us to provide callers a choice of different voicemail boxes and have specific actions tied with each box.

As a small technology firm, we do not staff 24 hours a day.  However, we wanted to make sure that our clients could contact us during off hours.  Before Ifbyphone, this was no simple nor affordable task.

Now, if our phone goes unanswered for 5 rings, our regular phone system seamlessly transfers calls to the Ifbyphone voicemail system.  There, callers can chose between leaving a regular message or an emergency message.

Regular messages are recorded and then emailed to administrative staff.  The message is attached to the email which makes listening to messages convenient.

Emergency messages are recorded and then emailed to technical staff.  In addition, the system also sends the message via text message to select on-call staff.  Within seconds of an emergency message, the appropriate staff members as well as management are informed, and the caller is contacted.

Because we field so few emergency calls, it was not feasible to invest in the expensive telecommunications equipment needed to make this happen.  With Ifbyphone, we pay very little by comparison which makes it accessible for our company and allows us to provide a higher level of service to our clients.

The complete Crain's article in available online.

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