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By Brian Moloney

November 03, 2009

Today, Imaginary Landscape launched This is a microsite that allows us to promote our use of a specific Web development technology. Specifically, the Python programming language and the Django Web development framework.

Granted, the idea of a technology microsite isn't really a barrel-of-monkeys kind of thing, but we have had a ton of fun with it. The reason? Mascots.

The mascot for Python is, as you might guess, a snake. The mascot for Django is a pink winged pony.


With the specific purpose of having fun, I sifted through the Web in search of two stuffed animals - a stuffed python snake and a stuffed pink winged pony. Of course, I found plenty. One I bought through Amazon and the other through a purveyor of stuffed animals.

[Of note - I may have to create a new Amazon account. The purchase of a pretty pink pony really messed up their suggestion engine.]

Besides providing some design levity to the new site, we plan on creating a series of photo galleries with Python and Pony candids throughout Chicago and elsewhere. Staff has already requested to "borrow" them for road trips.

Besides the travels of Python and Pony, the site provides a canvas for us to dig deeper into the technology side of the Web - more so than we can within our general site. In the coming months we will be using it to discuss our use of these technologies and how they can benefit clients.

If you have a minute, drop by

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