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New site dedicated to our technology

By Brian Moloney

July 18, 2011

Last week, Imaginary Landscape launched a redesigned site dedicated to the technology side of our business at chicagodjango.comDjango is the Web application framework we use to construct interactive websites.

Generally speaking, purchasers of Web development services fall into two audience groups - tech and non-tech.  For example and again, generally speaking, Web-related decision making remains largely the purview of marketing.  This is a traditionally non-technical audience.  Their concerns include brand continuity, aesthetics, ease of use and user-facing functionality.  These are all extremely important to a Web-based experience.

This site,, speaks to this audience.  It was designed with a dramatic color palate, visually interactive elements and engaging images.  The content was written with a focus on achieving business and marketing objectives.

The other audience group is technology.  Examples of this are the information technology or systems group.  This audience is concerned with issues like transactional security and infrastructure, platforms and frameworks. These are also extremely important to a Web-based experience.

Our "other" site,, speaks directly to the technology audience.  It mixes fun and geeky images like G.I. Joe with discussions about field-level database encryption (which, if you are dealing with sensitive information and your Web designer glazes over at the mention of field-level  There are discussions about best server configurations for serving mobile sites, and the best software stack to use on a Linux box.  Very geeky, but also very important.

In the end, Web developers must have expertise in both categories.  Firms that lean too far to the aesthetic/brand side might not have the infrastructure to understand and manage the underlying technology.  Firms that lean too far to the technology might not have the skills to create a visually appealing and user-friendly site.  To be successful you need both, hence our decision to have two online conversations.

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