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Cloud Hosting and Management

Low entry costs.  Superior scalability.

Cannabis Practice

Imaginary's utilizes top-tier cloud-based hosting companies for our client sites.  The cloud offers low entry costs and exceptional scaling - the perfect combination for a new or growing business.  Imaginary has experience and relationships with all the major cloud hosting providers to match your needs perfectly.

Cloud Hosting Partners

host-aws.jpg host-google.jpg host-rackspace.jpg host-heroku.jpg

Imaginary manages clients at all levels of infrastructure, from simple to complex and including:

  • Single server for proof of concept
  • Multiple servers (web, database)
  • Load-balanced web nodes
  • Multiple database nodes (primary, replica)
  • Asynchronous workers

An example cloud-based infrastructure for a client.  Imaginary has experience with all the options available to construct and maintain the optimal configuration for your needs, now and into the future.