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Django + ReactJS

sleek, modern, headless 
welcome to the next generation of websites

The Perfect Combination for:

  • Portals and dashboards
  • Tools such as calculators, counters and image editors
  • Real-time tracking (sales, membership, location)
  • User incentives/competitions/gamification
  • Utilization and other metric monitoring
  • Aggregation of data from different sources
  • Extending Wagtail and django CMS

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Request Information

ReactJS is ideal for handling the front-end.

  • Do More with Less.  Pushing functionality to the browsers means less work for the servers.  Reducing the server load translates into serving more users with less infrastructure costs.
  • Real Time.  Watch live updates right in the browser without refreshing.  Site visitors, sales numbers, stock prices, searches - most anything that you need to track in real time can be done through React.
  • Graceful Asynchronicity.  More complex interactions, such as large report generation, invoicing runs, content crawls need to be processed outside the normal request-response cycle.  React can let you know the moment these larger tasks are completed no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Django is ideal for handling the back-end.

  • Build Fast.  Since Django is a web development framework, many standard features are included, such as a login manager and administrative interface.  These drop-ins save time and money.
  • Build Securely.  Web application security is baked into Django.  Just selecting Django inoculates your website from most of the persistent vulnerabilities that plague the Internet.
  • Grow Big.  Built without hardware constraints, Django can use as much hardware as you can throw at it.  This allows your website to scale as needed, so your infrastructure costs match your traffic.