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Expert Django Developers

Custom Web Development & Support


At Imaginary Landscape, our Django developers will go above and beyond to design, fix, enhance, and maintain your Django website. We'll take the time to understand your needs and provide customized solutions that work for your business. We want to cultivate a lasting relationship that grows your business. Because your success is our success.

Fill out this form, and we will schedule a consultation and perform a code review at no cost.

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Python & Django Experts

We work almost exclusively on Python & Django projects.

25 Years of Experience

We have served the Django market for 25 years from our office in Chicago.

High Tech - High Touch

We build close relationships with our clients.  Many of which have worked with us exclusively for more than 10 years.


When all the courting is over, it's time to get to work. Imaginary's process has been refined over 25 years and hundreds of client projects to produce consistent and delightful results. We guide you from initial contact to ongoing support leaving no stone unturned to ensure success.  You'll know right away, you're in good hands.

Deep Dive with Senior Staff

Understanding how your business functions and understanding what you need are critical to success. We may know the industry but your business is unique. It takes experience to uncover this and that's what we bring to the relationship, from the very start.

Deep Dive with Sr. Staff

Triage of Immediate Needs

In essence, where does it hurt? What problems, instability or inefficiencies have you been tolerating? Often there are small corrections that can make a big difference.

Triage immediate needs

Assessment of Goals

What is it you want to accomplish? Is it quantifiable? Does it directly benefit the business (20% increase of online sales) or just sound like it does (40% increase in visitors)? What does success look like?

Assess goals

Plan of Action

We bring your goals together with our understanding and produce a plan of attack. What will be done in what order? What are the benchmarks and who does what? All blueprinted for review, approval and execution.

Plan of action

Collaborative Execution

We build with transparency so you know exactly where the project stands at every moment along the way. We go through rigorous Q&A testing and refining - based on your feedback - to make sure it is right. Only then do we go live.

Execute together

Ongoing Support

Go live isn't the end of the story, just the beginning of the next chapter.  We're there to monitor, maintain and support your website to make sure everything works, both now and into the future.

Support the future

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Please call us at (872) 302-4062 or submit the form above
(for every form submitted, we give a treat to Ruby, our office dog).