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Django eCommerce Development

Expert.  Experienced.  Fast.

Django eCommerce Experts

Imaginary Landscape brings 20 years of ecommerce experience to a store near (and dear to) you.

Inventory mismatches, shipping option limitations, pricing inflexibilities, constrained discounts, inability to bundle products or create promotions or efficiently upsell.  Sound familiar?  These are just some of the problems we've solved for organizations like yours.  Contact us to set up a quick introductory call to see how we can help.

Here's how we can help you:

  • Support of Oscar, Django Shop, Saleor, Shuup
  • Promotions, discounting and couponing engines
  • API integration with shipping and CRM systems
  • Contract-based pricing for B2B flexibility
  • Dimensional and weight-based shipping calculations
  • CloudOps scaling for seasonal or burst sales
  • Inventory management
  • Fast, iterative development
406.jpgImaginary's owners - Brian and Lisa. They are part of every client engagement, making sure all the little things are tended.

Here's how we've helped others like you:

Mohawk Manufacturing

50,000 SKU B2B store with custom contract-based pricing models.

Advocate Health Care

Flower shop for bedside delivery.

City of Cleveland

Municipal tax collection system for businesses and individuals.

American Hospital Association

Continuing education store for large association.

U.S Aikido Foundation

Association member join and renew.

OSF HealthCare

Multi-location event store with venue-specific seat inventory.

Final Thought.

Because we've worked on so many ecommerce shops and integrated with so many third-party applications, it's likely we already have a head start on your project.   Let's find out.  It starts with an introductory call.