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Django web developer

Django Web Development

We're Django Web Developers Who Get It Right

Since 1995 Imaginary has specialized in web development with Python being our primary focus since 1999 and Django since 2006. We are one of only a few firms that center on the development, support, and maintenance of Django websites.

Our team is actively involved in the Python open source community, and are members and contributors to the Django Software Foundation. Yes, we are the real deal.  

With Imaginary you will never worry about your project being outsourced—you get an A team from the start. You gain access to a highly experienced multidisciplinary team based in Chicago that includes development, UI, CloudOps, QA, design, and consulting. You will know your team by name and have the 24/7 support you need.  

Let's talk about your project. 



We engineer flexible code that allows for future development without the need to reinvent the wheel.


We work with banks and hospitals with sophisticated security needs. You are in good hands with us.


We know code like the back of our hands. We execute quickly without sacrificing quality.

Immediate Access to Advanced Django Knowledge

When you hire Imaginary, you gain a team of expert web developers who know how to get the job done.  No matter what your project challenge, our clients have been there and we’ve done that.  We helped them and can help you too.  

Quality Django Fixes Done Fast

When the duct tape fails, you call an expert for help. Time is always of the essence, and of course you want it done right so you are not in the same situation in a few months. Our Django development team will work to resolve your issues quickly and properly. The quality of our work matters, and is what our reputation is built on for over 20 years. We have the experience and knowledge to get it right the first time.  

New Development or Existing Code - We Do It All

In our 10+ years of Django specific development, we have done and seen a lot. Depending on your need, we can start fresh with new code or work within your existing Django code. Each project has its own set of unique challenges. Cost and time constraints may require existing code to be utilized, and it can be done. However, you want an experienced Django programmer to avoid a duct tape approach. Let’s work together and create quality code that counts. 

Control and Flexibility

Yes, you are in complete control of your code and hosting. Imaginary is your co-worker on all projects, so you never give up ownership of your code. Every project, big or small, follows high technical standards for quality and gives you 100% of the flexibility for future code implementation and hosting.

Giving Back to the Python and Django Community

Imaginary Landscape and its team have been quietly giving to the open source community for years. We have presented at and sponsored PyCon and DjangoCon conferences since 2009.  Nationally, we are active members of the Django Software Foundation.  Locally, we are sponsors of ChiPy and Django Girls Chicago, and are the organizers of the Chicago Djangonauts user group.