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Custom Web Development

No matter if it is collaborative or independent programming you need, we can help. Provide us with the specifications, and we’ll build it or help you build it. Our team will always work closely with your marketing, web development, or technical team to meet your specific needs.  We will coordinate through GitHub, IRC, Trello, or adopt your collaboration tool set, and when the project is complete, we will transition it to your staff or provide maintenance and support. Imaginary Landscape gives you the flexible partnership that fits into your needs and budget.

Python/Django Web Development Framework

If you are building in Django, you can find no better technology partner.  We have been programming websites in Python since 1999, and in Django since 2006.  We are one of only a few firms worldwide that completely specialize in Django. 

Throughout the years, we have worked with a variety of development frameworks, toolkits, and environments - some better than others.  The decision to move forward with Django as our primary framework in 2007 has resulted in significant benefits for us and our clients. It has allowed us to develop rock solid applications more quickly, which saves both time and money.

UX and Responsive Design

Our team includes User Interface (UI) Specialists and Designers to present website functionality to an extensive audience. UI is a wide discipline that extends from highly technical to highly aesthetic. At Imaginary Landscape, UI collaborates with design and programming to provide the best functionality. It includes significant JavaScript expertise, as well as Django page templates, HTML5, CSS, standards-compliant implementation, and client-side and server-side error checking. 

Responsive design is an important aspect to designing and developing a website and providing the best User Experience (UX). The popularity of electronic smart devices has created a demand for websites to be viewable on multiple screen sizes. Responsive design uses flexible or fluid grids and images and/or breakpoints to adapt to different device widths and resolutions in order to optimizes the user's experience. Developing a responsive design requires a website to be equally usable on all electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, desktops and laptops, by adjusting to different viewpoints.  Imaginary Landscape works with its clients to create a consistent user experience from mobile to desktop. 

Mobile Design

Responsive design and mobile design are not one and the same. Internet usage has shifted. Today mobile devices exceed PC usage. Consumers use mobile devices a majority of the time to access the web for content and information. Clients know that having a mobile web design is an important feature essential to meeting the demands of their customers.  Imaginary Landscape works with its clients to develop a separate mobile design for their website.


System Software

Our team has experience with all the standard variations of stacks, and a handful of non-standard ones as well. Apache or Nginx, Red Hat or Debian, Python 2 or 3, the list goes on.

Support and Hosting

Imaginary Landscape can maintain your website by monitoring server and system performance and providing 24/7 technical support.  We will ensure your website is stable and responsive. We manage a wide array of production web servers, including several physical servers at Rackspace, onsite at client data centers, and in the cloud. We host hospitals.  We host banks.  We know how to keep your website safe.