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Imaginary Landscape Chicago web design and django development firm.

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First American Bank engages Chicago Web designer Imaginary Landscape to build mobile site

New site will recognize and utilize features of the latest mobile devices.

July 16, 2010

Chicago - First American Bank has engaged Chicago Web developer Imaginary Landscape to design and deploy a mobile version of its website. The new mobile site will include goal-oriented actions appropriate for the context of customers on the go.

"We've been investing significant time and resources to understand the underlying technology and usability of mobile delivery," said Brian Moloney, managing partner of Imaginary Landscape. "To do it well, you must balance the number and variety of devices against the different contexts where mobile delivery is helpful for customers."

The site will automatically detect critical differences in devices and present customized templates based upon those differences. The design will be fluid to accommodate the newer phones and their ability to rotate screen orientation. Goals will be carefully constructed to limit keyboard interaction and be sensitive to the multi-task and multi-environment nature of today's mobile devices.

"The usage trends are indisputable. All research, both within the US and internationally, shows mobile device usage skyrocketing." added Moloney.