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Imaginary Landscape Chicago web design and django development firm.

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Imaginary Landscape automates search engine tools to increase SEO visibility

Special sitemap, page descriptions and keywords now created automatically.

March 24, 2010

In consultation with customers and after extensive study of user behavior, Imaginary Landscape has added two automated tools to its content management system Landscaper. These tools make it easier for search engines to discover and assess the content within a website.


This special file, located in the home directory of a website, is designed specifically for search engine crawlers. Conforming to the standard, the file creates a specialized listing of all pages within a website in a format recognized by search engines.

Imaginary Landscape created a system that automatically updates the file nightly, so it remains in sync with the site's content. This increases the likelihood that a search engine will index all pages within a site.

Dynamic descriptions/keywords

Many content authors forget or ignore the special page description and keyword tags available within each Web page. Imaginary Landscape designed a specialized process to generate custom descriptions and keywords from the page content itself. This ensures a majority of Web pages have updated descriptions and keywords, without need for human intervention.

These automated tools increase the visibility of pages within a website while providing search engines more information about those pages.