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Imaginary Landscape Chicago web design and django development firm.

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We Have A Winner! DjangoCon 2016 Sweepstakes

Imaginary made this Django Developer very happy.

September 9, 2016

Imaginary Landscape was proud to sponsor DjangoCon 2016. As part of our participation, we offered a sweepstakes for all attendees to enter to win a pair of BoseⓇ QuietComfortⓇ noise-cancelling headphones. As web developers, we know the importance of having a quiet, focused environment. Noise-cancelling headphones provide our development team at Imaginary just that. We all love them, and we knew the winner would love them just as much.

"I cannot say enough about how great these headphones are--they cancel the noise in my workspace so well that I feel a big lift in my productivity the past week since we have an open workspace here at CashStar. Thanks for having such a great promotion/contest at the DjangoCon this year!" said Matt Davis, Senior Software Engineer and Imaginary sweepstakes winner.

Congrats Matt, and as always, we are glad to be able to support Djangocon and our fellow Django community.