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Wagtail and django CMS Support

multisite, multilingual, custom plugins, training and a lot more

We know Django-based Content Management Systems

We've been creating, extending and maintaining Django-based CMS systems for many years.  Highlights include:

  • Several headless connections to frontend frameworks such as React
  • Many multisite and multilingual installations
  • Significant third-party API implementation experience
  • Dozens of plug-ins created - expert with plug-in architecture
  • User training materials and video library

Request Information

What's Next?

Exploratory Conversation
Brief and to the point.  We learn a little about your situation and you learn a little about us.  It doesn't matter whether you need to extend what you have, add a new piece or just keep the lights on.  Each path is different. 

Code Review
With your permission and an NDA in place, one of our experts will review you codebase for free.  We look for markers, assess what shape it's in and provide you a report of our findings. 

Detailed Conversation
Now that we have a better idea of the situation, a more specific is in order to discuss the code review and identify what needs doing.

A roadmap of what work we'll do, when and how we are going to do it and how much it will cost.

Once you approve the estimate, we get started.  However, nothing gets started without you reaching out.  Please call us at (877) 275-9144 x114 or submit the form above (for every form submitted we give a treat to Ruby, our office dog).