Who We Are

We’ve Been Doing Web Development a Long Time

Imaginary Landscape has been deeply rooted in open source since our beginning in 1995. Our first Python project was in 1999. We first began with Django in 2006, long before its current popularity. Back then, we saw something special in it and made it our primary development language.  We've taken that technical core and wrapped a complete web development and design firm around it.

Today our staff represents the finest talent across the spectrum of web development, including user interface design and testing, systems administration, planning, design, and project management.

Why Imaginary Landscape?

settings-96.png Highly Experienced: Trusted advisor with deep specialty experience in Python and Django. 


statistics-96.png Business Expertise: Strong range of industry expertise with vast knowledge of healthcare and associations.


collaboration-96.png Client Focused: The ability to create and exceed high client expectations since 1995.


Giving Back to the Python and Django Community

Imaginary Landscape and its team have been quietly giving to the open source community for years. We have presented at and sponsored many PyCons and every DjangoCon since 2009.  We are members of the Django Software Foundation.  Locally, we sponsor ChiPy and are the current organizers of the Chicago Djangonauts user group.