Chicago Web Designer and Development Agency

Imaginary Landscape is a Chicago Web designer and development agency. We help organizations with Web strategy & metrics, custom website design & development, search engine optimization (seo), content management systems (cms) and support. 

We are located in Chicago, Illinois on the northside of the city in the Andersonville neighborhood, one of the best areas of Chicago.

We can help you understand your audience with a website usability study.  We can help with project planning and discovery.  Our custom website design process includes mobile website design and development so your website displays well in all Web browsers as well as mobile devices such as smart phones including iPhones, Android, Blackberry and Palm devices.

Our custom Web development team builds online tools to make your site convenient for website visitors.  Custom programming, custom database design and administration, multi-site content management, online store and ecommerce development and website tools of all types.

We utilize Google Analytics to create online goals and goal funnels and other metrics to monitor online conversions and ensure a high return on investment (ROI) for your website development project.

Hospital and Association website design and development

We serve all industries with experience in healthcare and hospital website design and development as well as website development and design for membership associations, banks and bank holding companies. 

Open Source, Python and Django Technology

Imaginary Landscape utilizes open source technologies, including the Python programming language and the Django Web development framework.  Additional technologies include PHP, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.  For more information, visit our technology website, Chicago Django at


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