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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently announced their 2015 nominees.  At the same time, they opened up a Fan Voting application so that music fans across the world could make their selections known.

Rock Hall approached Imaginary a couple weeks prior and asked if we could design an app to handle the fan vote (in previous years, it was outsourced).

Simple enough.

When asked how many votes they received last year, they said "two million." And, although the voting is open for several weeks, the distribution was more like "one million votes in the first week and one million in the last week."

We made use of a cloud-based development server to load test the app using Apache JMeter with visualization assistance from Matplotlib.

Besides residing on the website, the poll was also included via iFrame onto and (and others).

On the morning of the announcement, the app was on pace to exceed 1 million votes in the first 24 hours, averaging 13 votes per second.  Since then, the pace has slowed somewhat but is significantly higher than last year.

As of now, Nine Inch Nails and Stevie Ray Vaughan are neck and neck.  Have you voted yet?

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