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Technology Blog

Django Apps + Development

Imaginary enjoys sharing our love for the dynamic Django open-source web framework. Our posts talk about applications that allow ease of development for complex, database-driven websites. We discuss reusability and plug-ins components, rapid development, Django programming techniques, and Django's configuration, code, templates, and data models.

Django Multiple Page Forms

I recently started working on another new project here at Imaginary Landscape, and this one looked rather enticing as it threw some stuff my way that I haven't had a chance to play with much recently. First on that chopping block was a multi-page registration form application. Immediately I remembered...

Tangled Webs of Django Applications

At Imaginary Landscape, we definitely enjoy leveraging the many open source applications that exist out in the wild. We also create some of our own open source applications, along with a few closed source applications that are either too customized for one particular customer, or for a number of other...