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Django Version Viewer Announcement

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Presenting a new open source plugin: The Django Version Viewer!

Imaginary Landscape is pleased to present a helpful new plugin for the Django Web Framework - The Django Version Viewer!

If you find yourself frequently switching between projects or perhaps looking at a codebase you haven’t seen in some time, it’s often useful to know the contents of the project’s virtual environment. Typically this information is only accessible either by examining your project’s requirements.txt (which may or may not accurately reflect what is installed in your environment) or by accessing your app’s server directly to examine the app’s virtual environment.

The Django Version Viewer is a handy tool that exposes this information in a handful of ways:

Through the Django Admin panel

The plugin conveniently exposes a link at the top of your admin index pane to expose a simple drop down listing all of your project dependencies.

Through a DjangoCMS Toolbar Menu Item

If Django CMS is installed, a new menu item will be added to the CMS Toolbar Page Menu that will allow opening the version viewer popup.

Through an API call

Alternatively, you can make a request to a URL at www.yourAppsDomain/django_version_viewer  to retrieve a list of your app’s installed package represented in json .

Learn more about the project at its GitHub repository.

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