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Introducing django-nocaptcha-recaptcha

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This week, Google announced a radically new way of handling human detection with a revamped reCAPTCHA.  This new iteration, called No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA replaces the hard-to-read distorted text image transcription with a simple checkbox.

We've never been big fans of CAPTCHA technology.  It transfers the burdeon of proof from the server to the end user.  It adds another field - often cryptic and frustration - to the form conversion funnel.  Unfortunately, it has been the most reliable way to parse out human input and drown out the form spam noise.

Now, through Google wizardry, all a user needs to do is check a simple box.  We love it.  The problem is, it is too new and there was no Django form field integration app to handle this new method.  

So we built one.

Available on GitHub, the open source django-nocaptcha-recaptcha from Imaginary Landscape will (hopefully) help in the upgrade process. It is also available on PyPi for installing via pip.  Use it early and often.  Help rid the world of transcription CAPTCHA forever.

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