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The Onion films at the Imaginary office

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This week, The Onion arrived at the Imaginary Landscape office to film a short segment for their website, "CEO Has Special Knack For Recognizing Great Ideas and Ruining Them."  Featured in the film was Imaginary Landscape's own Jenn Sedik (Tara Callies), Dustin Lacewell (Jason Rutherford) and Joe Jasinski (Tim Williams).

"I saw an email sent by an Onion staffer asking if anyone could spare an office for filming and volunteered," said Brian Moloney, Managing Partner of Imaginary Landscape,  "I might have had second thoughts if the title was 'Managing Partner Has Special Knack for Recognizing Great Ideas and Runing Them' but it didn't, so it was cool."

The segment was shot entirely at Imaginary's Chicago office and featured cameos from Dan Johnson, Dave Bertrand and Brian Moloney.

About being disruptive, Moloney had this to say, "It's like they weren't here at all.  I mean besides the director, producer, sound guy, cameraman, actor, boom microphone, camera, tripod and that guillotine thing the director snaps before yelling ACTION, you really didn't even notice them."

The complete video is viewable on The Onion website.

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