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Upgrading Django with AI

Django 3.2 reaches its end of life in April 2024.  We've been busy upgrading all of our sites to Django 4.2, the current LTS.  As part of this upgrade cycle, we've begun leaning on artificial intelligence tools to see if we could decrease the time it takes for the upgrade.  Happy to report we've seen a significant time savings.

Let's Encrypt with Alternative ACME Client

I recently was tasked with installing Let’s Encrypt on a server running an old version of Debian (Squeeze) which was due to have its certificate expire. Unfortunately, this meant following the path of setting up certbot and a cron job as outlined in Let's Encrypt Quick Setup -- which basically follows the...

New Django Server Setup: Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed our choice of typical server stack and the general packages that we find useful upon an initial installation. Part 2 will focus on setting up the site environment and configuring the system services. As mentioned before, at Imaginary, this setup process is normally automated...

New Django Server Setup: Part 1

A core challenge of setting up a Django project is creating a production-worthy server environment and project setup.  At Imaginary Landscape, we've put a lot of thought into how to accomplish this task in an intuitive and flexible way.   The goal of this article is to detail the default setup...

Our Django Server Setup: How and Why

One of the most important decisions you make in the process of building a new Django application is what software stack you use to serve it to the world. You're not lacking for options: people run Django on Apache, lighty, nginx, and Cherokee. You also need to decide how to...

Permission Based File Serving

One issue I've run into a couple times while working with Django is the need to serve files to users based on permissions. The first situation occurred with a store we were building that would allow for electronic versions of books to be sold. These books would typically be distributed...