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Tuning Site Search for Covid-19

The recent spike in usage of the term covid-19 introduced some inconsistent results in Imaginary’s custom site search engine, iScraper, a tool which utilizes Elasticsearch as its indexing engine.  We’ll take a closer look at these results and show how we corrected the problem with an Elasticsearch configuration change. iScraper...

Website Search using Django and PostgreSQL Trigrams

Over the years I've become increasingly wary of the word "easy" in software documentation. Pick a software project at random, and there's a good chance the documentation will lead off with something like "Booloogent makes the process of frobnifying your wakalixes easy!" And then you try to use the package...

Scraping pdf, doc, and docx with Scrapy

In February 2017, Google announced its plans to discontinue its Google Site Search product. Those clients of Imaginary Landscape who had relied on Google to provide their users with a search engine service for their website looked to us for a new solution. Finding no obvious equivalent replacement, we decided to create our own website scraper and accompanying search app.