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Illinois Attorney General

Illinois Attorney General


In 2023, the Illinois Attorney General's Office released the results of its 5-year investigation into child sex abuse by members of the Catholic clergy in Illinois.   Imaginary Landscape was engaged by the Attorney General to design the 696-page report and create an accompanying website.


  • Create the aesthetic design for the report
  • Transform component documents and spreadsheets into a cohesive report
  • Create data visualizations
  • Build an accompanying website for ease of access
  • Deploy at the time of the press conference
  • Monitor results and report in real time

An excerpt of the 696-page report.
report excerpt.jpg


  • Create an overall design theme, including colors, photographic imagery and layout
  • Normalize data spreadsheets from each of the six dioceses
  • Build an accompanying website to promote keyword searching and related content
  • Test and deploy on dotCMS framework
  • Coordinate release to coincide with press conference
  • Configure Google Analytics GA4 to measure usage and downloads


The accompanying website designed for full screen and mobile users.
ilag screens.png


Within 24-hours of the press conference, 31,104 people visited the website, spending an average of 5 minutes, 28 seconds on the site.  In addition 6,668 reports were downloaded.

Imaginary was insturmental in our ability to present these findings by producing a world-class report and website.

- Thomas Verticchio, Assistant Chief Deputy Attorney General

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