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Company News

New Chicago Python User Group Website

New design was created by Imaginary Landscape and inspired by the new ChiPy logo.

February 19, 2013

Imaginary Landscape is pleased to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Chicago Python User Group website at  Imaginary was part of an all-volunteer team that overhauled the functionality and design.

The relationship between ChiPy and Imaginary Landscape go back to ChiPy's founding in 2003.  Imaginary's offices were the venue for the first-ever ChiPy meetup.  Throughout the years, Imaginary has sponsored many ChiPy events and has organized the Chicago Djangonauts User Group, which is based on the Python language.

"ChiPy is a great organization and we were happy to contribute our efforts to making the new website a fun and useful destination for Python enthusiasts across Chicagoland," said Brian Moloney, managing partner of Imaginary Landscape. "We were able to take the new ChiPy logo and create a full-site design inspired by it."

ChiPy organizer Brian Ray offered the following feedback. "A very special thanks to Imaginary Landscape.  They did the design as Django templates. Impressive. Also, displays well on my mobile device."

Founded in 2003, Chicago Python User Group is one of the world's most active programming language special interest groups with over 1,000 active members and many more prestigious alumni. Its main focus is the Python Programming Language.

The new site can be seen at

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