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Company News

Brian Moloney Named as Co-Chair of Django Software Foundation Code of Conduct Committee

January 9, 2018

Brian Moloney, President and CEO of Imaginary Landscape, has been named to the Django Software Foundation Code of Conduct Committee as its co-chairperson.

“The Code of Conduct is about how we interact as a community,” states Brian Moloney. “As the Django framework grows in popularity, so does our community. The Foundation wants everyone involved to treat each other with kindness, tolerance and sensitivity in keeping with the strong inclusive values that define this diverse and wonderful community.  It’s the role of the CoC Committee to assist with that goal.”

The committee is responsible for keeping the community informed about the Code itself through its publication on the Django Project website along with detailed documentation about the committee’s role within the DSF GitHub repository.  When necessary, the committee helps uphold the code with fair and confidential conduct resolution.


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