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Company News

Imaginary Landscape answers the call from Send Out Cards LLC

July 31, 2020

When Send Out Cards LLC needed assistance with their premier CRM tool, they reached out to Imaginary Landscape. Their platform, Sendogo, needed a little boost to make it easier to use and expand its reach.  Imaginary Landscape was there to help.

The project started with a usability facelift and included the addition of a new API making their tool compatible with a multitude of CRM systems.  

“With the help of Imaginary Landscape, we have been able to take Sendogo to the next level and expand our reach to new clients,” said Dave Smith, General Manager of Sales & Marketing at Sendogo.

Imaginary collaborates with the Sendogo team through a shared Slack channel and encourages direct contact between both technical teams. 

"Dave and the crew at Sendogo are fantastic and we've helped them move their platform forward," said Brian Moloney, Imaginary's President and CEO.  "The shared Slack channel reduces barriers and removes delays, and is just one way we strive to maintain the highest level of service for all our clients." 

About Send Out Cards LLC

Since 2003, SendOutCards has been changing people’s lives one greeting card at a time. They have delivered over 100 million cards (and 3 million gifts), making them the largest first-class mailing company in the United States and one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies in the world.

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