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Imaginary Landscape launches in ten days

January 3, 2022

CHICAGO – The American Society for Clinical Pathology and The Joint Commission recently launched Leading Laboratories, a new collaborative program to recognize excellence in laboratories.  Plans for the launch of the program included a new website.

ASCP reached out to Imaginary Landscape for assistance in constructing the website, which had been designed by ASCP’s creative team.  “We needed the website to be highly available and scalable because we didn’t know what the demand might be once we began accepting applications,” said Mark Moen, Chief Information Officer of ASCP.  “Weighing the options available to ASCP, I engaged Imaginary Landscape because I knew they could deliver with excellence and be responsive to the demands in the short timeframe allotted.”

The first step for Imaginary was identifying all the stakeholders from ASCP and The Joint Commission, as well as several consultants, and ensuring the website would progress along a trajectory that was agreeable to all.

"We were a little concerned at the onset as there were over a dozen individuals from the various organizations involved in the communication flow," said Brian Moloney, President and CEO of Imaginary Landscape.  "Our experience has shown that prioritizing the right balance of communication clarity and frequency is vital to ensure success, especially when under a tight timeframe."

Imaginary assigned a partner-in-charge to manage the communications while its DevOps team provisioned a server and its technical team began converting the prototype into a production-ready website.

"With any launch event, you must anticipate a traffic spike," Moloney said.  "The prototype provided was excellent, which allowed us to focus attention on properly sizing the infrastructure and load testing the site to ensure it would easily handle whatever traffic was generated during and following the announcement."

Imaginary presented the production-ready website to ASCP and The Joint Commission within 10 days. The site launched on time and maintained sub-second response times throughout the launch curve.

"Imaginary stepped in, took charge of the website deployment process and delivered ahead of schedule," Moen said.  "They kept everyone in the loop, responded to all the questions, handled all the details and delivered a high-quality website for our launch.”

The website can be viewed at

About ASCP
Founded in 1922 in Chicago, ASCP is the world’s largest professional membership organization for pathologists and laboratory professionals. ASCP provides excellence in education, certification, and advocacy on behalf of patients, anatomic and clinical pathologists, and medical laboratory professionals. To learn more visit  Follow ASCP on Twitter at and connect on Facebook at

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