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Company News

Imaginary Landscape Joins Django Software Foundation as Group’s Newest Corporate Member

Announcement Unveiled Live at the State of the DSF Keynote at DjangoCon 2011, Paving the Way for Foundation’s Future Success

September 22, 2011

CHICAGO – Imaginary Landscape, a leading Web design, development and management firm, unveiled, at DjangoCon 2011 in Portland, Ore. that it has become the first new corporate member of the Django Software Foundation (DSF), a non-profit organization that promotes, supports and advances the open-source Django Web framework, in order to take part in and shape the direction of the Django marketplace.   The announcement was made during the State of the DSF address in response to the DSF’s new membership drive.

Imaginary Landscape, which is known as a trusted leader in utilizing the Django framework for clients, has a longstanding relationship with the DSF.  “Imaginary Landscape shares many common goals with the DSF; so deepening our commitment to the Foundation by becoming a new corporate member seemed like a natural next step.  We look forward to supporting the extraordinary work of the Foundation, a group that has dedicated significant resources and passion to furthering Django in the marketplace,” said Brian Moloney, Managing Partner of Imaginary Landscape.

DSF, which serves as a significant and reputable resource for the Django community, will expand as more companies look to transition from a PHP framework to Django because of its fast, stable and versatile platform that allows Web developers to work more effectively while saving time and money. 

DSF’s primary goals include:

  • Sponsorship of global Django sprints to advance Django, and to test, fix bugs, add new features and improve documentation
  • Scheduling of meetups throughout the country for supporters of Django to meet up offline and discuss their common interest
  • Facilitating ongoing exposure on the use of Django among the world-wide Web development community
  • Providing an established framework for protecting the intellectual property and the framework's long-term viability
  • Advancing the state of the art in Web development

"The DSF welcomes Imaginary Landscape as the first new corporate member as part of our membership drive.  Imaginary has been a supporter of the Django framework for many years and we are honored by their commitment to the Foundation. Their support is visible in all areas and we only hope they are the first in a long line of Web businesses to join us in helping to advance the vision of Django,” said Russell Keith-Magee, President of the Django Software Foundation. 

Imaginary Landscape has been a 3-time sponsor of DjangoCon and assisted in the production of the 2011 conference.  In addition, Imaginary leads the Chicago Djangonauts users group and its recent successful bid to bring DjangoCon to Chicago in 2013.

For more information about the DSF, visit  For more information about Imaginary Landscape, visit: or

About Imaginary Landscape:

Founded in 1995, Chicago-based Imaginary Landscape is a leading Web development and design and strategy provider for healthcare, association, manufacturing and educational businesses. Imaginary Landscape is a pioneer in the use of the Django Web framework and has extensive expertise in Python programming, system administration and hosting, user interface and design and information architecture.

About the Django Software Foundation:

The Django Software Foundation is an independent Non-Profit 501(c)(3), focused on promoting, supporting and advancing the open-source Web framework Django.   The Django Software Foundation’s intent is to create a global community of Web developers passionate about Django and willing to share information, key learnings, foster communications, promote advances and build proficiency in Django. 

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