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Company News features Imaginary Landscape as innovative Django shop

Feature article showcases Django in Chicago and highlights Imaginary Landscape's contribution.

October 5, 2011

Remember when a new kid would be introduced in elementary school, and depending on how close it was to lunch-time, maybe you were a part of a group who made a point of placing your lunchbox next to the new kid’s?  You felt it mandatory - even at a such a tender age - that you needed your introduction more up-close and personal.  Chicago’s own Imaginary Landscape web development firm is that classroom, and web framework Django is that new kid.

According to Landscape’s Brian Moloney, Managing Director –Sales, Marketing & Production, apparently the lunch bell has rung. The Onion is flushing the whole back-end of its website.  Chicago’s Threadless has also dumped PHP for Django, with MIT most recently having jumped into the fray.  EveryBlock (owned by MSNBC), is an originator of the Django framework.

Founded in 1995, with co-partners Ric Lee and Lisa King, Imaginary Landscape was noticed by Crain’s Chicago Business by 1997 as an up-and-coming web development firm; helped by being the sole survivor at the end of the Dot “Bomb” era ravaging the tech industry.

Self-funded and not carrying any debt, Landscape has primarily hospitals, associations and more recently, banks as clients.

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