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Company News

Imaginary Landscape Creates Open Source Django Version Viewer Plugin

May 19, 2017

Imaginary Landscape is excited to announce a new open source Django app, The Django Version Viewer. This helpful tool lets those using the Django Admin interface to view a list of the pip-installed Python packages for a given Django project. This easy reference to application versions allows programmers and project managers to quickly understand the available features or limits of the current application. The plugin is designed to access information in a variety of ways using Django Admin, Django CMS or through an API call.  

“We’ve created the Django Version Viewer to assist our quality assurance team in quickly determining installed versions of software,” said Peter Wensel, Software Engineer of Imaginary Landscape and contributing author to The Django Version Viewer.  “It is a fast and non-technical way to check an app's version and environment for testing.”

The Imaginary Landscape team created The Django Version View using an open source license to be utilized by the Django programming community.  

To learn more about The Django Version Viewer visit the Imaginary Landscape Github Repository or read more at Imaginary’s blog post.

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