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Company News

Imaginary Landscape Launches Redesigned Website for Mohawk Manufacturing

May 8, 2017

Imaginary Landscape has launched a redesigned and upgraded B2B website for Niles, Illinois-based Mohawk Mfg. & Supply Co., North America’s premier aftermarket parts supplier to the transit bus and motor coach industries.

"It was time to refresh our design, and we needed to update our functionality and make our site accessible to the growing mobile audience," said T.J. Brown, Inside Sales and Marketing Manager for Mohawk. "We've been working with Imaginary since 2007. They’ve proven to be a reliable partner in delivering consistent, high-quality web services, and their work has strengthened our competitive position."

The new Mohawk website boasts a fully responsive design, a custom Django-based content management system, and an upgraded server to make use of the latest cloud infrastructure. In addition, Mohawk’s eCommerce system was replaced with a fully PCI-DSS compliant platform.

"The redesign was customized to provide a user-centric experience through simplified content, streamlined navigation, and a secure and responsive product catalog," said Brian Moloney President and CEO of Imaginary. “With a parts inventory of over 50,000 SKUs and complex pricing contracts, Mohawk is a perfect example of how a redesign of key elements can make searching and purchasing easier for customers."

About Mohawk Manufacturing

Mohawk Mfg. & Supply Co. is North America’s premier aftermarket bus parts supplier, furnishing more than 50,000 parts for the transit and motor coach industries. Founded in 1958 by former Greyhound executive Wilbur Brown and former Greyhound employees Fred Winkler and John Brown, Mohawk today employs about 40 people and is headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Niles, IL.

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