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Certiorari Denied: A Win for Website Accessibility

January 9, 2020

Last fall the United States Supreme Court denied a petition to review the 9th Circuit's appellate court ruling on Guillermo Robles vs. Domino's Pizza, LLC.  This is considered a big win for website accessibility.


In September 2016 Guillermo Robles files suit against Domino's.  Robles is blind and claimed that he could not order a pizza using his screen reading software either on or their mobile app.  In March 2017, the court dismisses the case.  Robles appealed.  In January 2019, the appellate court reversed the dismissal.  Domino's appealed.  In October 2019, the Supreme Court declined to hear the case, leaving the original lawsuit in place to be argued.


The 9th Circuit's reversal is now the prevailing legal opinion on accessible websites and will pave the way for more aggressive pursuit of corporations not attentive to the needs of people with disabilities.

Read the 9th circuit's opinion.

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